Alternative Press named Lost Grrrls one of “25 films that capture the history of punk, riot grrrl, and beyond”
“The riot grrrl movement is oftentimes recognized for predominantly existing in the Pacific Northwest. In Lost Grrrls: Riot Grrrl In Los Angeles, director Vega Darling seeks to dispel this myth by presenting a different side of the movement. One that breaks away from the stereotype that all riot grrrls are white and perform the same musical stylings familiar to the movement. Riot grrrl didn’t exist in a vacuum, and Darling makes that abundantly clear in their documentary.”

From Huffpost – Finding a Voice article 

“Through Riot Grrrl,” Darling said, “Punk, and Queercore I found myself my voice, my community. Without the support from this community I would probably have self-destructed long ago.”
Dazed named Lost Grrrls an “Essential Riot Grrrl Film” 
“Most people think of the Pacific Northwest or DC when they think of riot grrrl. Yet its waves reached LA too. This short explores the diverse feminist punk culture’s impact in LA, specifically the bands that came up in Long Beach, Huntington Beach, and Orange County. To name a few: Red Aunts, Oiler, Fleabag, The Makeshift Conspiracy, Bonfire Madigan. It also addresses the reputation of early incarnations of riot grrrl as the preserve of white middle-class girls. You hear from people of color, LGBT and animal rights activists, all of whom reclaim the scene. If you don’t get inspired by the DIY stories of these motivated women, maybe check your pulse?”

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